Illustrator Shows What Intimaci Looks Like, Whether You’re In A Relationship Or Not..

Intimacy is something extremely important to have in our relationships with friends, family and of course, significant others. Intimacy isn’t about PDA or simply saying “I love you”, it’s about much more than that. Los Angeles artist, Amanda Oleander, has captured exactly what intimacy means in some of her drawings.

Oleander’s personal relationships are what inspire most of her drawings. She’s used examples between her and her partner to outline what intimacy means to her. Some are funny, some are adorable and some are just plain weird — as many intimate relationships are.

Crawling into bed with your significant other is the cherry on top of a long day. The real intimacy here is being able to focus on your own things while still being connected. Like holding your lady tight while catching up on some reading.

You’re definitely really close with someone when you’ve popped one of their zits. Some find it totally disgusting while others find it strangely satisfying. Nothing’s too gross when it comes to people you love, right?

Being truly intimate with someone means knowing them like the back of your hand. You know the way to their heart is by surprising them with their favorite chocolates.

The smell of your partner’s morning breath is basically what sleeping in on a Sunday smells like. Your significant other should never be offended when you’re comfortable enough to kiss them in the morning without brushing your teeth first.

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