Different Types Of Body Language That Can Reveal the Truth About Your Relationship…

Romantic Relationships do not need to be verbal all the time. A relationship involves the magic of unsaid words and communication through eyes and body language. Especially if you are attracted towards someone in the nascent stages of courtship, words do not come easy. As a man did you ever bashfully attempt to hold your girl’s hand. Or, as a woman how often have you sent subtle hints that you’d love a warm cuddle to feel secure that your guy loves you. Or perhaps even a couple maintains distance by hiding expressions. These are the signs of body language that will reveal much about your relationship without uttering a word!

Direct positive eye contact: Everything is fine. You like each other..

positive eye contact

If she leans forward towards you, she likes you

Now if you have a pretty lady who is seriously into you, you can judge by the way she sits in front of you. She would subconsciously bend her body towards you with a straight back, hence trying to physically allure you.

If she leans forward towards you

When a man smiles widely

 Trust me, smiling widely for no reason comes very tough for men as they stop smiling widely around the age of 5-6 years itself. But the rules can bend when he is around someone who makes him really happy and there you are, you can see a flashing smile pasted on his face every time he meets you. According to psychologist Patti Wood, this is a sign of immense happiness.
When a man smiles widely

Copying is the biggest form of flattery

If someone fancies you seriously, you are in their subconscious most of the time! So when you realize that a person has started using the same gestures and phrases like yours, do not get pissed because they don’t mean to annoy you. Instead, they admire you and are copying you subconsciously.

Copying is the biggest form of flattery

When something is going wrong and you need to talk

Problems in paradise! Yes if communicating with your partner is getting to be harder by the day and you observe them turning or sleeping away from you, making no eye contact and trying to keep a physical distance, these are unconditional signs of resentment and antipathy. It’s time you try to sort out problems creeping into the relationship. communicating with your partner

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