The First 5 Mr. Olympia Winners, Then Versus Now

There are not many things on this planet that will reward you with exactly what you put in.

You can put in a 110% at work but politics might prevent you from that promotion.

You can put in a 110% in basketball practice, but the team might not have a need for someone with your skill set.

Bodybuilding is one of the very few things that will reward or punish you with whatever you give it.

No one can cheat you out of your reps, no one can cheat you out of eating your meals, and no one can cheat you out of getting that rest which incites muscle growth. If you give it 100%, you will get back a 100%.

Here are several bodybuilders who dedicated their life to bodybuilding and as a result reached a pinnacle of the sport and won the Mr.Olympia trophy.

Have a look at the first 5 Mr.Olympia winners then and now.

1. Known as ‘The Myth’ and also a 3-time Mr.Olympia winner, Sergio Oliva was a Cuban native who was able to leave Cuba due to his weightlifting career. He was a three-peat champion winning in 1967, 1968 and 1969 where he beat the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Oliva got his nickname ‘The Myth’ due to his unbelievable physique and the jaw-dropping response he would usually receive when he stripped down. He was one of the most aesthetic physiques of his time and bodybuilders of today still try to emulate his physique. Due to his wide back, broad shoulders and tiny waist (the thinnest in Olympia history), he was truly a sight to behold.

Controversially, Oliva should have won another Mr.Olympia title in 1972. At 270 pounds in the off season and standing at only 5’10 (compared to Arnold who was much taller), his competition weight was 240 pounds with striations and cuts everywhere. In an interview, Oliva said that Arnold himself told him “I don’t deserve to win this.”

Unfortunately, Oliva died on November 12, 2012 at the age of 71 due to kidney failure. His son, Sergio Oliva Jr. and daughter Julia carry his name. Oliva Jr., who has quite literally big expectations to fulfill, is expected to compete on the IFBB stage in the coming years.

2. Probably THE most famous bodybuilder of all time is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Nicknamed the ‘Austrian Oak’ for his oak barrel of a chest, Arnold was not merely a bodybuilder. He is also an actor, producer, businessman, philanthropist, author and politician just to name a few of his side jobs.

With 7 Mr.Olympia titles under his belt, he currently hosts the second biggest bodybuilding competition in the world, the Arnold Classic. Pros from all over the world enter into his competition just to have him take a peek at them and get an objective critique.

Controversially, he lambasted a host of current professional bodybuilders who were seen on stage with big distended guts and bloated bellies. He called for a return to the Golden Era where men with flat stomachs, striated chests, and ripped abs were considered champions.

He currently hosts The Apprentice, and is regularly seen with his longtime workout partner, Franco Columbu and occasionally visits other bodybuilding shows that his name is not affiliated with.

3. Larry Dee Scott was the first and second Mr.Olympia winner. He was nicknamed ‘The Legend’ and ‘The Golden Boy’ for his impressive physique and his good looks. He retired after his second Olympia win at the tender age of 28. He attempted a brief comeback in 1979 before finally retiring once and for all.

Originally gifted with a narrow physique he had to work to build up his shoulders and back to create the illusion of width and the v-taper that is so sought after in bodybuilding. He began training and learning under the tutelage of Vince Gironda (who was by then a well-known bodybuilder.)

After training with Gironda, he became well known for his unusually large and long biceps. The preacher curls exercise (invented by Gironda) was eventually named after him: the Scott curls.

As evidenced by these pictures, Scott possessed some impressive biceps even up to 60 and 70 years old. Unfortunately he passed away on March 8, 2014 due to complications with Alzheimer’s.

4. Franco Columbu is probably the smallest bodybuilder on this list standing at only 5’4’’ in height. Hailing from Italy, he came in fifth in the inaugural World’s Strongest Man Competition. He got injured during the refrigerator race and settled for $1 million in a settlement for compensation for his injuries.

A long time training partner and friend of Arnold, they regularly trained together even though they stepped on stage and had to compete against each other. When Arnold won in 1980, Franco won the following year in 1981.

Known as ‘The Giant Killer’ of his time, he took out a lot of professional bodybuilders, who were taller, bigger and outweighed him by over 50 pounds! More often than not, Franco and Arnold would be standing next to each other, trying to out pose the other all the while knowing each other’s strong points and weaknesses.

Franco was Arnold’s best man in his marriage to Maria Shriver and their friendship has been going strong ever since. As a certified chiropractor, Columbu can perform many techniques on Arnold. As an actor and producer, Arnold could help Franco find acting roles. True friends indeed.

5. Frank Zane is a 3-time Mr.Olympia winner and he is commonly known as the ‘Father of Aesthetics.’ His intense focus and regimen on symmetry and proportions gave him a physique to be admired and desired.

He was nicknamed ‘The Chemist’ due to his Bachelor of Science degree and his abundant use of ‘supplements and amino acids.’ He had the second tiniest waistline in Olympia history and won all three of his titles at under 190 lbs!

In a time when most guys were trying to get bigger and put on more muscle mass, Zane was doing everything he could to look smaller all the while appearing much larger. His focus on light weights instead of heavy weights led to him building a truly admirable body.

Frank Zane is truly a bodybuilding legend. He was one of the few people to have bested Arnold on a bodybuilding stage and win a competition while weighing under 190 lbs.

15 Foods That Will Clean Your Liver Naturally In An Effective Manner


The anti-inflammatory and healing spice turmeric has been used for centuries by Ayurvedic practitioners to treat liver problems. Several studies have suggested that curcumin present in turmeric doesn’t let fat accumulation take place in liver. It has also been noted that the test animals that were having curcumin had lower level of cholesterol and triacylglycerol concentrations in liver. Turmeric also plays an important role in protecting bile duct and increases bile flow. Turmeric

Green Tea

Green tea is considered good for liver as it has plant antioxidants known as catechins which are good for the functioning of liver. It has also been found in the clinical trials that EGCG, the most active catechin of green tea, reduces the risk of liver cancer and decreases fat accumulation in liver along with liver enzyme levels.

Green Tea

Drink Enough Water

Drinking enough water throughout the day can be helpful in keeping liver healthy as drinking water in proper quantity helps in digestion, removal of waste from the body and thinning of blood. These factors will reduce the workload of liver because of which liver will be able to perform better.

Drink Enough Water

Walnuts help liver in getting rid of fat-soluble toxins and they are also a good source of arginine (amino acid), omega-3 fatty acids and glutathione. While arginine helps liver in removing ammonia, which is a toxic waste product of protein metabolism, both omega-3 and glutathione support in detoxification.


Cruciferous vegetables

Eating cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and cauliflower, results in the increase of glucosinolate production in human body which is helpful in production of liver enzymes and getting rid of carcinogens and other toxins. This is also helpful in preventing liver cancer.

Cruciferous vegetables


Garlic has numerous health benefits and one of them is its help in liver cleansing or detoxification. Garlic has allicin and selenium; both of them help liver in throwing out toxins and excess fat. Garlic is also helpful in increasing immunity and clearing out bacteria and viruses.

Garlic health benefits

Grape fruit

It is a rich source of Vitamin C, potassium and fiber and can protect against some types of liver damage. Grapefruit has glutathione which helps in liver cleansing. It also increases the production of enzymes that help in liver detoxification.

Grape fruit


The Mystery of Flight 370 Has Been Solved Experts Reveal What Actually Happened

rtRemember Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and how it faded away into its mysterious disappearance? Nobody until now knew why the plane was never found or whatever happened to it. Was it a crash? Was it an accident? Was it an incompetent pilot? Well, experts now have proof that the MH370 tragedy involves an evil pilot who is responsible for the passing of 239 people.

Touted as the biggest history in the modern aviation, the flight 370’s 2014 journey was its last and for years people across the world have been baffled as to what happened to the flight. Recently experts who have researched the case appeared on an Australian show and revealed what they have found about the sad plane tragedy which claimed so many innocent lives. So, what happened to flight 370?
What is flight 370?

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was an international passenger flight which was flying from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Beijing Capital International Airport in China on March 8, 2014. The plane just disappeared and nobody knew why or how. The flight had 239 people on it, including all passengers and they were all presumed no longer alive. There were 12 Malaysian crew members and 227 passengers from 15 countries. Which also means 15 different nations tried their best and used some of their most established resources to track the plane but failed.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

The crash

The Boeing 777-200ER plane made last vocal contact with air traffic control on March 8 at around 1 am, when it was over a Chinese ocean. In less than 50 minutes after the flight took off, it disappeared from the traffic controller’s radar. No further contact was made by the air traffic authorities and the fliers.

Flight 370 crash

The search

Australia was initially in charge of the massive search which began on March 17. From 2014 to 2017, there have been relentless mapping and plotting and numerous experts have tried to figure out where the flight 370 could have ended up.
Flight 370 prayers
And now

After 4 years of blind search, Larry Vance, who is currently a senior investigator at the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, made an appearance at the famous Australian show and spoke about the affair of the missing plane at length. He was accompanied by Chief Commissioner of ATSB Martin Dolan and Captain John Cox.
Search for flight 370

The unthinkable

What Vance and his friends said at the show is absolutely spine-chilling and nobody saw this coming as most experts had ruled out the accident as a crash. They claim that Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, one of the people who were flying the people deliberately crashed the plane as a planned out attack.

Flight 370 pilot



Photos Of Shadows That Tell A Different Story…

Photography is all about the relationship between light and perspective, and nowhere is this made clearer than in these hilarious two-faced photos, where the subjects and the shadows that they cast tell two (often very different) stories.

With just the right perspective and just the right light at just the right time, one can easily create funny, mysterious or powerful photographs.

With a good sense of perspective and an observant take on the world around you, you too can come up with some hilarious or artistic shadow photos. If you do, be sure to share them with us at the bottom of this post!

These Ridiculous Wedding Pictures Should Not Be In The ‘Official’ Wedding..

Wedding pictures are the evidence of your marriage and also everyone wants to look at the album.

But, these 13 couples down below will definitely look back in years and wonder what the hell were we actually thinking?

You will understand what I am talking about after you see these photo fails, so if you’re planning a wedding anytime soon take notes.

these are the strangest weddings you have ever seen and I think these weddings should never be made official because the reasons are very clear let’s see them better


Creative and Dangerous Photo Ideas For Real Daredevils..

We all have that one pretentious friend who says he’s “living on the edge” and does something stupid like take a swim in a polluted river, right? I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I think that this sort of people makes for the best Instagram-influencers! I mean, you have all the ingredients right there: potentially dangerous/funny situations plus a good-looking person (usually) equals an attention magnet! Let them risk their lives and well-being, and we’re just experience those neck-breaking adventures vicariously through their Insta-stories. It’s a win-win for us!

What would you do to get a perfect shot like these? Link your Instagram photos in the comments below!

Moments When the Background Is More Interesting Than a Photo..

Sometimes strangers make our photos much more interesting than originally planned. Don’t believe us? Look at these photos where things happening in the background are way more interesting than anything else going on.
with the following photos you will melt that laughter suggest you send it to your

friend or your friend since you really have to make the most beautiful day
but as you will see below the picture number 3 will be spicy anyway still to look hope to like you

We invite you share a laugh with us as you scroll through these photos.

Beautiful girls are all over the world — and then some…

This is how you can miss an epic battle happening in the background:

When you’re a whale but also want to pose for photos:

The guy in the background knows how to get attention…

We also wonder what this guy is seeing.



These Village Girls In China Are cute Than Victoria’s Secret Models..

Every town or village has that one woman who is an absolute stunner. She stands out among all of her female counterparts. She doesn’t have to try to be beautiful; she is just blessed with healthy, shiny hair, a gorgeous smile, and good genes.

Still, there are some places in the world who must posses magical powers in their drinking water, have the cleanest breathing air, and nothing but organic, natural food. That can be the only explanation for boasting not one or two beauties in their village, but just about everyone living there looks like they belong in a fairy tale.

New images have emerged online of a village in China where its women are more beautiful than any Victoria Secret model.


Illustrator Shows What Intimaci Looks Like, Whether You’re In A Relationship Or Not..

Intimacy is something extremely important to have in our relationships with friends, family and of course, significant others. Intimacy isn’t about PDA or simply saying “I love you”, it’s about much more than that. Los Angeles artist, Amanda Oleander, has captured exactly what intimacy means in some of her drawings.

Oleander’s personal relationships are what inspire most of her drawings. She’s used examples between her and her partner to outline what intimacy means to her. Some are funny, some are adorable and some are just plain weird — as many intimate relationships are.

Crawling into bed with your significant other is the cherry on top of a long day. The real intimacy here is being able to focus on your own things while still being connected. Like holding your lady tight while catching up on some reading.

You’re definitely really close with someone when you’ve popped one of their zits. Some find it totally disgusting while others find it strangely satisfying. Nothing’s too gross when it comes to people you love, right?

Being truly intimate with someone means knowing them like the back of your hand. You know the way to their heart is by surprising them with their favorite chocolates.

The smell of your partner’s morning breath is basically what sleeping in on a Sunday smells like. Your significant other should never be offended when you’re comfortable enough to kiss them in the morning without brushing your teeth first.

Ivy League Student Strips During Presentation After Professor Shamed Her…

University/college may be regarded as one of the best times of a person’s life, but it also comes with a lot of hardships. In between deadlines, moving away from home, making new friends and the endless studying, every student is also attempting to either reinvent themselves, establish themselves as the adult they want to become, or force people to finally start taking them seriously.

For many students, it’s all three.

I can certainly remember experimenting with different styles to try and find the new “me”, but one moment that really stands out during my time as a student was when I had to give a marked presentation. After weeks of lectures establishing myself as a “joker”, I had to hold the attention of an entire room and make a serious point about 18th-century literature.