10 Shocking Images That Zoo Owners Would Never Want You To See

Zoos may be cool places of entertainment. It can be an ideal fun outing for the family where you can view all your favorite animals on display. But!! That’s just your perspective of a zoo. From an animal’s perspective it can be a house of horror and a place of suffering and inhuman treatment not intentionally but out of lack of consideration. Once its closing time, that picture perfect zoo turns into a nightmare for animals. Take a look at 15 pictures Zoos don’t want you to see.

10Animals live in littered cages

If you take a closer look you may see several cages filled with litter. This image particularly shows a crocodile beneath a pile of garbage which is pathetic. Tragedies often happen when animals mistake garbage for food leading to poisoning, illness and physical injury.
Animals live in littered cages

9Some animals are painted to be deceptive

Exotic animals aren’t what they seem and may be an eyewash. Zoos are habituated in painting animals to make them appear exotic or resemble other species. In the image below, it is a donkey painted to look like a zebra. Humans are tricked but it is the animals which suffer the harmful reaction to toxic chemical dyes.
kids playing on Painted Zebra

8Animals are treated with antidepressants

When animals experience severe illness like zoochosis, they aren’t treated for the cause but given antidepressants and anti anxiety medication. The penguins in this image have been given medication but such practices make the animal’s condition worse. Anti-depressants cause unusual behavior and it’s sad to know they are prescribed such stuff all because of trauma from confined small enclosures that have no similarities to their habitat.

Penguins in zoo

7Conditions aren’t always good

To maintain a zoo isn’t easy and because of the huge overhead costs involved, authorities try cutting down on expenses which negatively impact animals. As a result, animals aren’t fed properly, their enclosures aren’t cleaned regularly and the overall health and hygiene aspect is poor due to a lack of infrastructure and staff to ensure the same.

The sad stories of zoo

6Animals aren’t properly cared for

Animals need extensive care because they are living in captivity away from the natural resources of their natural habitats. Nutrition, hygiene, maintenance and even care are imperative in ensuring good health, But! As you can see, that isn’t the case. The camel in this image is starving and totally stressed out from lack of care.

treatment of Animals in zoo

5Animals can get zoochosis

You’ve never gone stir crazy or else you would know what’s living in a cell like. Zoochosis is the condition experienced by animals as a result of living n captivity. Confined cages and enclosures aren’t the natural habitat of animals and as such, they suffer from mental trauma of having lost their freedom. The bear in this photograph is trying its best to escape which is obviously the prime symptom of zoochosis that takes a huge toll on animal health.

Poor condition of animals in zoo

Old animals and useless animals are killed and used for other reasons

Among pictures, zoos don’t want you to see are such images like the one below. In most zoos, the custom is to put down old animals who cannot reproduce or are too old to be an entertainment factor. In certain countries, animals are sold off to lesser zoos which could have a potentially worse environment. The giraffe in this image is that of Marius a young and healthy giraffe in Copenhagen zoo who was shot by a vet and dissected in public view and thrown to lions. His problem? He was useless for breeding because his genes were too common.

useless animals are killed

Some animals aren’t fed at all

This is a classic condition in zoos in third world countries. This is an image taken of Surabaya zoo in Indonesia which was a hellhole for animals. A report on the deplorable condition of animals in the Zoo was highlighted last year and shocked the world. As you can see the tiger is emancipated and in severe pain.

bad conditions of zoo

The animals suffer the most

Animals suffer the most. Even if a human falls into the enclosure and wanders into one, the animal may get shot if keepers perceive a threat to the human. Sometimes, a wrong perception ends in the animals life instead which was in the case of Harambe the gorilla that set the internet on fire.Harambe the Gorilla shoot dead

Cleaning time isn’t a good time for animals

Where cleaning time is concerned aquatic animals face the worst treatment such as these dolphins who can be seen lying helpless in extremely less water as keepers clean their enclosure. That can be extremely traumatic for the animal. Judging from these 10 pictures zoos don’t want you to see, it can well be said that a zoo isn’t a fun thing at all and is extremely harmful to the emotional and physical health of an animal, But we humans need entertainment don’t we? But on a positive note, there are zoos around the world with open air enclosures who are more responsive to animal breeds. Hopefully such examples will bring about a worldwide change.

Cleaning time in zoo


The First 5 Mr. Olympia Winners, Then Versus Now

There are not many things on this planet that will reward you with exactly what you put in.

You can put in a 110% at work but politics might prevent you from that promotion.

You can put in a 110% in basketball practice, but the team might not have a need for someone with your skill set.

Bodybuilding is one of the very few things that will reward or punish you with whatever you give it.

No one can cheat you out of your reps, no one can cheat you out of eating your meals, and no one can cheat you out of getting that rest which incites muscle growth. If you give it 100%, you will get back a 100%.

Here are several bodybuilders who dedicated their life to bodybuilding and as a result reached a pinnacle of the sport and won the Mr.Olympia trophy.

Have a look at the first 5 Mr.Olympia winners then and now.

1. Known as ‘The Myth’ and also a 3-time Mr.Olympia winner, Sergio Oliva was a Cuban native who was able to leave Cuba due to his weightlifting career. He was a three-peat champion winning in 1967, 1968 and 1969 where he beat the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Oliva got his nickname ‘The Myth’ due to his unbelievable physique and the jaw-dropping response he would usually receive when he stripped down. He was one of the most aesthetic physiques of his time and bodybuilders of today still try to emulate his physique. Due to his wide back, broad shoulders and tiny waist (the thinnest in Olympia history), he was truly a sight to behold.

Controversially, Oliva should have won another Mr.Olympia title in 1972. At 270 pounds in the off season and standing at only 5’10 (compared to Arnold who was much taller), his competition weight was 240 pounds with striations and cuts everywhere. In an interview, Oliva said that Arnold himself told him “I don’t deserve to win this.”

Unfortunately, Oliva died on November 12, 2012 at the age of 71 due to kidney failure. His son, Sergio Oliva Jr. and daughter Julia carry his name. Oliva Jr., who has quite literally big expectations to fulfill, is expected to compete on the IFBB stage in the coming years.

2. Probably THE most famous bodybuilder of all time is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Nicknamed the ‘Austrian Oak’ for his oak barrel of a chest, Arnold was not merely a bodybuilder. He is also an actor, producer, businessman, philanthropist, author and politician just to name a few of his side jobs.

With 7 Mr.Olympia titles under his belt, he currently hosts the second biggest bodybuilding competition in the world, the Arnold Classic. Pros from all over the world enter into his competition just to have him take a peek at them and get an objective critique.

Controversially, he lambasted a host of current professional bodybuilders who were seen on stage with big distended guts and bloated bellies. He called for a return to the Golden Era where men with flat stomachs, striated chests, and ripped abs were considered champions.

He currently hosts The Apprentice, and is regularly seen with his longtime workout partner, Franco Columbu and occasionally visits other bodybuilding shows that his name is not affiliated with.

3. Larry Dee Scott was the first and second Mr.Olympia winner. He was nicknamed ‘The Legend’ and ‘The Golden Boy’ for his impressive physique and his good looks. He retired after his second Olympia win at the tender age of 28. He attempted a brief comeback in 1979 before finally retiring once and for all.

Originally gifted with a narrow physique he had to work to build up his shoulders and back to create the illusion of width and the v-taper that is so sought after in bodybuilding. He began training and learning under the tutelage of Vince Gironda (who was by then a well-known bodybuilder.)

After training with Gironda, he became well known for his unusually large and long biceps. The preacher curls exercise (invented by Gironda) was eventually named after him: the Scott curls.

As evidenced by these pictures, Scott possessed some impressive biceps even up to 60 and 70 years old. Unfortunately he passed away on March 8, 2014 due to complications with Alzheimer’s.

4. Franco Columbu is probably the smallest bodybuilder on this list standing at only 5’4’’ in height. Hailing from Italy, he came in fifth in the inaugural World’s Strongest Man Competition. He got injured during the refrigerator race and settled for $1 million in a settlement for compensation for his injuries.

A long time training partner and friend of Arnold, they regularly trained together even though they stepped on stage and had to compete against each other. When Arnold won in 1980, Franco won the following year in 1981.

Known as ‘The Giant Killer’ of his time, he took out a lot of professional bodybuilders, who were taller, bigger and outweighed him by over 50 pounds! More often than not, Franco and Arnold would be standing next to each other, trying to out pose the other all the while knowing each other’s strong points and weaknesses.

Franco was Arnold’s best man in his marriage to Maria Shriver and their friendship has been going strong ever since. As a certified chiropractor, Columbu can perform many techniques on Arnold. As an actor and producer, Arnold could help Franco find acting roles. True friends indeed.

5. Frank Zane is a 3-time Mr.Olympia winner and he is commonly known as the ‘Father of Aesthetics.’ His intense focus and regimen on symmetry and proportions gave him a physique to be admired and desired.

He was nicknamed ‘The Chemist’ due to his Bachelor of Science degree and his abundant use of ‘supplements and amino acids.’ He had the second tiniest waistline in Olympia history and won all three of his titles at under 190 lbs!

In a time when most guys were trying to get bigger and put on more muscle mass, Zane was doing everything he could to look smaller all the while appearing much larger. His focus on light weights instead of heavy weights led to him building a truly admirable body.

Frank Zane is truly a bodybuilding legend. He was one of the few people to have bested Arnold on a bodybuilding stage and win a competition while weighing under 190 lbs.

Photos That Require The Second Glance..

A combination of perfect lighting and being in the right place at the right time can bring out some fantastic “trick” photos!

We offer you to take a look at reality from a different angle. At the end of the article, there is a bonus that will be almost unbelievable at first — are you ready?

Water can be tricky…

Whose arm is that?

A nice swimsuit for a man

When bearded guys look up:

“My sister took a Polaroid of the dog in the snow but he blends in too well.”

More proof that cats are liquid.

“Looks like my ex.”

Darth Vader is back. Does it make the same sounds?

“What did this palm tree find out?”

Did you think that this was toothpaste too?

Industries polluting the clean air

“The bottom of my eraser looks like a painting of birds in front of a row of trees.”

Giant pigeons

“I hope it’s just an illusion.”

This cat has fur eyes above its real eyes:

How is this even possible?

“Ducks will start to melt at 90°F.”

“This truck carrying rolls of plastic looks like Cookie Monster.”

No, this is not a dog.

10 Crazy Optical Illusions That Went Viral And Totally Shattered The Internet

Our brains are powerful and complex machines, but that’s not to say they can’t be easily manipulated and tricked on occasion. If you need proof, look (literally) no further than what happens with optical illusions.

Whether it’s because we can’t compute what we’re seeing or the image is just intentionally deceiving, there’s no shortage of ways our minds can be tricked. Sometimes these illusions are so tricky, in fact, that the entire collective internet freaks out about them.

Need proof? Just take these photos for example and see if your mind is playing tricks on you!

1. At First Sight, This Seemingly Innocuous Picture Of Kendall (right) And Kylie (center) Jenner With Their Pal, Hailey Baldwin, Appears To Be Just Another Gala Photo Of Celebrities Enjoying Their Night. But Take A Look At Kendall’s Legs—er, Leg. Where’s The Other One?

Amateur Sleuthing On The Internet’s Part, But They Discovered That If You Look Closely At The Bottom Of Her Dress, You Can See The Shape Of Her Other Leg hidden Beneath The Fabric.

2. When This Photo Of Six Women Enjoying A Night In With Each Other Was Shared To Reddit, People Immediately Freaked. Just Like The Previous Kendall Jenner Photo, It Appeared As If One Of These Ladies Was Missing Something Important…

The Answer: When You Take A Closer Look, It Becomes Much More Clear Exactly What’s Going On. This One Comes Down To Simple Body Positioning. The Woman In The Middle Is Leaning At Such An Angle That It Makes Her Legs Appear As If They’re Part Of Her Friend’s Body. Whoops!

3. Internet Users Around The World Were Instantly baffled By This Photo Of Four Friends Taking A Touristy Photo. But If You’re paying Attention To The Ladies At The Focus Of The Image, You’re Already On The Wrong Track. Take A Look At The Background. Anything Seem Off To You?

The Answer: See All Those People In The Background? Do You Notice That They All Seem To Be Sharing The Exact Same Face? Well, Their Mother Certainly Didn’t Give Birth To Identical Nonuplets. Turns Out This One Is Just The Photoshopped Work Of A Clever And Deceitful Person… Who Maybe Has Some Sort Of Weird Affinity For The Guy In The Back.

4. When Art School Student Hunter Culverhouse Shared This Photo To Instagram A Little More Than A Year Back, People Immediately Engaged In The Old back And Forth. Were The Legs In The Picture Oily And Super Slick, Or Was It Trickery At Work?

The Answer: Turns Out That Hunter Is A Pretty Incredible Artist. If You Look Closely, You’ll Notice That The Legs Aren’t Oily At All. Instead, There’s Some Purposefully Placed White Paint That Gives These Gams The Appearance Of A Glossy Sheen. Trickery At Its Finest.

5. Ahh, Who Could Forget The Most Infamous Illusion Of All: “The Dress?” When A Tumblr User First Shared This Picture Of A Dress, Users Around The World Couldn’t Help But Argue About The Color. Was It Black And Blue Or Was It Gold And White?

The Answer: Well, While The Lighting In The Photo Might’ve Made It Appear To Be White And Gold To Some People, The Truth Is That It’s Black And Blue. Still In Disbelief? Just Take A Look At This Website Selling The Dress. Yeah, That’s Royal Blue. Now You’re Seeing Things In A totally New Light. Case Closed.

6. When You Look At This Beautiful Plate Of Nicely Sliced Strawberries, What Color Do They Appear To Be? If You’re Seeing Red, It’s Not The Strawberries—you’re Just Mad Because Your Mind Is Playing Tricks On You. Want To Know What Color They Really Are?

The Answer: Caron Mell, A Writer For The Television Show Silicon Valley, posted A Helpful Diagram That Separates The Pixels For You. In Fact, It Turns Out That The Entire Picture Is Gray And Green. Your Brain Is Playing Tricks On You Because Of Color Constancy, Which Has To Do With The Way Light Affects The Colors That You See.

7. Created by Meiji University Professor Kokichi Sugihara, This Optical Illusion Is Going To Blow Your Mind. Do You Notice How This Mirror Seems To Reflect Completely Different Shapes Than The Ones In The Foreground? What’s Up With That?

The Answer: As You Can See In The Photo Below, The Way The Object Is reflected In The Mirror Isn’t Necessarily A Good Representation Of The Way It actually Looks. Aptly Titled “The Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion,” These Objects Are So deceptive Because They’re Shaped To Be Somewhere Between Square And circle.

8. Here’s A More Classic Optical Illusion For You. When You Stare At The Surface, How Many Black Dots Do You See? One? Two? Six? Well, There Are Actually 12, But Don’t Worry, Most People aren’t Able To See Them All At Once.

The Answer: With The Help Of These Bright Red circles, It Becomes Easier To See All Of The 12 Dots. The Reason You Likely Can’t See Them Simultaneously Is Because Most People Just Don’t Have Great Peripheral Vision!

9. Take A Look At This Incredibly Boring Photograph Of A Brick Wall. Your Eyes Are Likely Wandering From Top To bottom And Side To Side. But What Do You See? Is There Something Hidden In There That Shouldn’t Be? Is Your Brain Playing Tricks On You? Yes And Yes…

The Answer: Take A Good Hard Look At The Object In The Red Oval Outline. Do You See It? Why That’s A Nice Cigar Sticking Out Of The Wall. It So Closely Matches The Lines In The Bricks And Cragginess Of The Wall That It Appears Almost Invisible At First Sight.

10.Debate Was Brought Over To Reddit, And Users Could Not Figure Out Whether It Showed A Young Child Above Or Under The Water…

The Answer: You’ll Get The Best Information By Looking At The Child’s Feet. There’s No Way That She Could Possibly Be Splashing Underwater. So, It Turns Out That She’s Above The Water. Also, Take A Look At Her Hair—it’s Definitely Not Wet! Chalk This One Up To A Clever Filter Used On The Photo

11. When You Look At These Two Wooden Toy Train Track Pieces Next To Each Other, What Do You Notice? Most Likely, It’s Their Differing Size. The Thing Is: They’re The Exact Same Size! Sure, That Doesn’t Seem Possible, But Read On…

The Answer: When They’re Neatly Placed One On Top Of The Other, It Becomes Clear That They’re, In Fact, Identical. This Is Because Your Brain Compares The Larger, Outer Edge Of The Piece On The Left To The Relatively Smaller Curve Of The Piece On The Right Without So Much As Telling You.

10+ Animals You Never See As Babies.

this album will fascinate you very much since lately the animals are getting more attention than the man for more you can not even say pets because they are so loving that sometimes it comes to love more than 1 animal than 1 man since people are unconscious we see many cases that animals are tortured by street people but this is not a good thing as it is a criminal offense how you can torture animals when they are so fragile and loving that you can not even describe them words but in this album you will see that only animals can not be called are fixed as a baby is just like a baby because in this album are the 10 most cute animals you ever saw…
they look like babies rather than pets…
1. Chinchillas

2. Porcupines

3. Snakes

4. Pidgeons

5. Aardvarks

6. Porcupines

7. Octopuses

8. Chimpanzees

an unusual match .. who do you think wins?

Unfortunately for a 13-foot (4-meter) Burmese python in Florida’s Everglades National Park, eating the enemy seems to have caused the voracious reptile to bust a gut—literally.

Wildlife researchers with the South Florida Natural Resources Center found the dead, headless python in October 2005 after it apparently tried to digest a 6-foot-long (2-meter-long) American alligator. The mostly intact dead gator was found sticking out of a hole in the midsection of the python, and wads of gator skin were found in the snake’s gastrointestinal tract….

Clashes between alligators and pythons have been on the rise in the Everglades for the past 20 years. Unwanted pet snakes dumped in the swamp have thrived, and the Asian reptile is now a major competitor in the alligator’s native ecosystem. (See “Huge, Freed Pet Pythons Invade Florida Everglades.”)

“Clearly if [pythons] can kill an alligator, they can kill other species,” Frank Mazzotti, a University of Florida wildlife professor, told the Associated Press. “There had been some hope that alligators can control Burmese pythons. … This [event] indicates to me it’s going to be an even draw.”

On the evening of March 1, Fisi Camp research assistants Mike Kowalski…and Olivia Spagnuolo then went out looking for the snake, skeptical that a

python could take down a carnivore as large and as smart as a hyena. “To my knowledge there has been no precedent for this in terms of documentation,” says Kowalski via email. “Large carnivores can certainly interact with large pythons, as their cubs are probably on the menu, but an adult lion or leopard or ..

hyena would likely dispatch the python very quickly.”But the next morning, they .discovered what Kowalski described in a Holekamp lab blog post as “a gigantic rock submerged in a swamp”: a sated, swollen rock python that clearly had eaten something large…

What Would Happen If You Replace All Your Drinks With Water

Are you a sugar addict? When you’re thirsty does water just not cut it for you? As much as we all like to talk about the dangers of excess sugar in our diets, sometimes it’s a harsh reality that we have to face when it comes to bettering our lives and our health.

Have you ever wondered how your body would change if you completely cut out all of the sugary drinks you indulge in on a daily basis and replaced them with water?

If you want to learn about all the amazing changes that can happen to your body once you eliminate soda, read on and let us know what you think.

1. Water is 100%, completely, absolutely, calorie free. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, here’s a quick rundown.

There are 3,500 calories in one pound. This means if you cut out 500 calories from your regular diet every day, over the course of one week you would lose one pound.

Now, factor that in with the soda you drink. Say you drink about 500 calories worth of pop every day. If you eliminate just soda from your diet, you have the potential to lose one pound a week (as long as the rest of your diet is in check).

By simply eliminating empty calories from soda in your diet, you can lose weight!

2. According to a study published by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, water can increase a person’s metabolic rate by 30% within ten minutes of drinking it.

This may not sound like a lot, but it is. When your metabolic rate increases, so do the amount of calories you burn.

This means that by cutting out soda and drinking just water, you can increase the number of calories you burn on a daily basis!

So if you want to lose weight, start drinking water. Combine this with a healthy diet and exercise, and you’ll be cutting the pounds in no time!

3. We all want to save money. And besides, who doesn’t like a good money-saving trick? Well, whether you want to believe it or not, switching from soda to water will save you a ton of money.

Besides the fact that water is calorie free, one of the best things about it is that it is easily accessible, and doesn’t cost a dime.

After Losing Half His Body Weight, Teen Becomes A Professional Model

A weight loss journey could be a long and difficult one. But the result is absolutely worth it. Your health improves, your mood improves and your look definitely improves. That’s exactly what happened to teenager Ilija Rajkovcevic, a student from Macedonia.

The teen weighed 330 pounds when he finally decided that he couldn’t live like that anymore and needed to make a change. He began to exercise and turn his life around. He did this for a few months.

In just less than a year, Ilija lost an incredible 198 pounds and transformed himself into a muscular model. The teen said he decided to turn his life around when he realized he couldn’t look at his large body of fat anymore.

UNILAD quotes him saying: “I could not look myself in the mirror and look at myself sinking further, lonely with food.”

He continued, “From that day, I have been going to the gym every day, and fitness and practice became my way of life.”

Ilija now spends his days at the gym keeping up with his healthy physique and eating healthy so he doesn’t gain his weight back.

Working out hasn’t just given Ilija physical strength, it’s also improved his mental strength and his general outlook on life.

He told UNILAD, “I have been lonely my entire life, a target of jokes and mockery of others. One day, I told myself, That’s enough.” We really respect this teen for his strength and determination.

Ilija continued noting: “Finally, I was mentally prepared to cope with my kilograms, and I became mentally stronger as they melted.” The transformation of his body really did change his entire mentality.

He ended by saying, “Today I am a completely different man, full of confidence and self-belief.” Ilija stays on a daily routine of professional bodybuilder gym work and healthy eating.

After his hard work at the gym and super healthy eating, Ilija has transformed into a model-looking kind of guy with his chiseled good looks.

Ilija’s story isn’t the first that we’ve seen of a young adult working hard to lose weight and look like a model.

Another teen from Cheshire has a similar story as Ilija. He was bullied in high school for being overweight and was called various names that made fun of the shape of his body.

Like Ilija, Max Eden had the drive to flip his life around and dedicate his life to shedding off his weight. He also looks like he is ready for the catwalk and a professional photo-shoot.

12 Funny Pictures That Will Make You Giggle

I think we can all agree that humans behave in strange ways sometimes. Whether it’s the way we act or the odd thought process we have sometimes, things can definitely get weird. The best moments are the ones we get to capture and share so that we can all laugh at the ridiculousness.

If you have ever caught a photo of something strange, ever acted in a strange way, or witnessed someone acting strangely you’ll definitely relate to these pictures. Sometimes it feels like our brain is thinking and making decisions without letting us know. That is the only possible explanation for this type of behavior.

Regardless of the reason, the results are often hysterical and it really makes you feel connected when you see that you aren’t the only one with that weird quirk. Here is a compilation of images that are sure to make you laugh and maybe you’ll even relate to a few.

1. The one-of-a-kind car shop: This place has it all: minivans, pickup trucks, SUVs, and even a space-whale. All that’s missing is the dog car from ‘Dumb and Dumber’ and the ‘Scooby-Doo’ van.

2. The greatest Bible verse: If only all Bible verses were this wonderful. We’ve all been in that place where you’re so hungry that literally, everything you see reminds you of food.

3. This great annoyance: Honestly, people who do this: can you not just wait 2 seconds? I’m sorry but if you do this, you can’t get annoyed when the person asks to see the picture. Now, look at the puppy.

4. This evil person: Pure evil, yes. But it’s hilarious. What on earth is that face doing? His eyes are so wide so he looks a bit crazy but we wish there was a way of knowing whether he caught that fry in the second picture.

5. I see and I want you: I am coming for you puppers, but not in a weird way, I just want to love you and give you some behind-the-ear scratches. There’s just no way to make it sounds not weird.

6. The laziest dude ever: We applaud you, sir. This is extremely lazy and seems a bit odd given he may have actually paid to attend this concert, but all the same, the idea is genius.

7. That thing we all do: If you say you haven’t done this, you are lying for sure. Why does this happen so often? This is one of those cases where your brain just decided something without you.

8. Everyone believes you: Even though she’s looking up at her phone and doesn’t seem to be texting and there are 7 steps to posting a photo on Facebook, making it very difficult to post one by accident, we all believe her.

The most grandma thing you’ll ever see: The Pelican got a serious talking to from grandma. It is literally hanging its head in shame and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the power of grandma.

This summer’s hottest accessory: This person was waiting in line when they noticed a girl wearing what looks like a home arrest ankle bracelet. It looks like she tried to hide it with some masking tape? Whatever. We all need to have fun during the summer, even the people who break the law.

19 Before And After Photos That Prove That Hard Work Really Does Pay Off

Thanks to apps like Instagram, the world has reassessed the way in which they approach their health. Now, a fit physique is the latest trend.

But obtaining a toned torso and thick thighs isn’t as easy as Instagram influencers make it look. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to transform a body.

With the summer fast approaching and the race for a bikini body firmly set, here are some inspirational examples of how hard work can reap some serious rewards…


A different kind of six-pack

3. Fighting fit

4. She got a good upgrade…on her phone that is!


5. Beach body ready

6.We’ll drink to that!

7. Oh, body!

8. This is a mindblowing transformation!

9. Pretty in pink

10. Werk that bikini